We will hold our clients’ interest with utmost regard: No SEO consultant will intentionally use any procedures/technology that would lead to a client site being blocked from any search engine indexes.
We will honor all guidelines prescribed by Search Engines: No SEO consultant will violate any rules/guidelines of any search engines. In case of any changes in rules/guidelines by the search engines, the consultant would notify the client appropriately.
We will not mislead/offend any consumer: No SEO consultant will publish any offensive content online. It should also be ensured that the content on a client website is related to the optimized keywords.
We will not infringe on any copyright laws: No SEO consultant will violate any copyright or trademark rules or laws related to spamming as mentioned in any state, federal or international charter.
We will not copy the work of any of our colleagues: No SEO consultant will copy fully or partly, the work of any other SEO consultant and call it his/her own. In instances where such copying is mandatory, he/she would seek prior consent from the party.
We will not have clients with conflicting interests: No SEO consultant will have clients from the same domain with similar business interests until and unless all parties concerned are aware of such a relationship.
We will not misrepresent our credentials: No SEO consultant will misrepresent his/her own education, certifications, group affiliations, experience and abilities to others.
We will not guarantee outcomes which are beyond our control: No SEO consultant will promise any client results or outcomes that are not directly feasible by him. This includes specific rankings on search pages, exact time to achieve the particular ranking, etc.
We will provide appropriate contact points for dispute settlement: As SEO consultants, we will provide contact information to all our clients for settlement of disputes. This includes publishing of phone numbers and addresses on all focal points of a consultant’s website.
We will protect the privacy of our clients: No SEO consultant will share any information about the client that is not publically available without the prior consent of the client.
We will deliver to the best of our capabilities: As SEO consultants, we will perform to the best of our abilities to improve our clients’ website rankings and help his/her site get higher traffic and better leads.
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